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You can open a data flow or library node from the Directory by selecting the document and choosing Open from the panel on the right side of the screen.

The application will then switch from the Directory to either the Data Flow Designer or the Library Node Designer.

If you open a document which has unsaved changes, you will be asked if you wish to carry on working on a backup copy (which contains your very latest, unsaved changes), or whether you wish to continue working on your last saved version, discarding any unsaved changes.

A document will have unsaved changes if you close the browser, or the browser tab, without saving your document first.

Note: When you select an item in the Directory, or open an item in the Designer, only the actions relevant to the set permission level will be available for you to select. For example, you will not be able to open a data flow for which you do not have Read permission. Permissions are set by your system administrator, for more information see Managing permissions.

Opening a shared document

If you open a document from the Public Documents folder, there is a chance that somebody else will already be editing it. We do not support concurrent editing of the same document, so in this case, you will be prompted to either Return to Directory or Open as Read-Only.

The Open Document as Read-Only? dialog will tell you who is editing the document, so you can reach out to them and ask them to let you know when they are finished editing the document. Once they have saved their changes, you will then be able to re-open the document and edit it yourself.

Note: A document will also be opened as read-only if another user has unsaved changes on the document, i.e. they closed the browser on the document without saving their changes first. In order for you to edit this document, the other user will need to Open the document, and either choose Restore Latest Backup and then Save (to keep their latest unsaved changes) or Open Last Saved Version (to discard their latest unsaved changes). You will then be able to open the document and edit it.

Opening a scheduled data flow

When you open a data flow that is scheduled to be run in the future, the data flow opens in read only mode. From here, you can view the data flow and you will have the option to open the data flow in edit mode.

Note: If you choose to edit the data flow, any modifications will affect future scheduled runs.