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Many of the Output Connector nodes will write output data to a file, allowing you to share and use results from your analysis in further processes. When you are working with Data360 Analyze you are using a web browser on your computer to display the user interface of an application which is running on a different machine, called the server. In order to view a file created by an Output Connector node, you must first download the file from the application server onto your own machine, where you can then open the file.

To download a file from the server, choose the Download data file from the server button from the toolbar.

Toolbar download button

Depending on your system setup, you may be prevented from downloading data from the server for security reasons. In this case, the Download data from the server button will be disabled and you will not be able to download data files from the server.

You will be prompted to choose the file you wish to download to your computer. This file will then be downloaded by your web browser as normal.

Tip: System administrators can configure the directory from which files are downloaded, see Editing upload / download settings.