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When you open a document (data flow or library node), the library paths defined for that document are used to locate all dependencies so that the document can be reconstructed.

If there are library nodes used by the document which cannot be found, then your document will not be able to reconstruct itself. In this case, you will see the Library Node Conflicts dialog.

Adding library paths

All locations across the system are automatically searched and if the missing library node is located, the Add library path link is shown to the right of the missing library node:

Library node conflicts

In this example, "Library Node 1" is located in a folder which is missing from the Library Paths list.

  1. Click Add library path.
  2. All of the locations where the missing node can be found are listed. Select the location that you want to use.
  3. Click Update Paths.

Node not found

If a library node cannot be found anywhere on the system, you will see Node not found to the right of the missing node:

Library node conflicts

It may be that the missing library node has been removed from the system, or that you do not have the required permissions to access the node. In this case, click Close.

If the document that you are trying to view is a data flow, any missing nodes will be shown on the canvas as "Unspecified", and any remaining conflicts will be listed in the Properties panel:

If the document is a library node, you will not be able to view the document if one or more of the nodes it inherits from cannot be found. In this case, you will see the Cannot Open Library Node dialog and you can choose to exit to the Directory, or return to the Library Node Conflicts dialog.