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When you create a new data flow or composite-derived library node, a new empty document is opened in the Designer. The Nodes panel shows all of the available library nodes that you can use to build your document.

The Nodes panel is populated by searching a set of Library Paths defined in your document. Each library path points to a unique location where nodes are stored. All nodes found in these paths are displayed and made available for you to use to build your document. When you next open your document, these paths are also used to find these library nodes (known as dependencies of the document) and reconstruct your document.

If you were to remove a path from this set of Library Paths then your document would not be able to reconstruct itself, as it would not be able to find the definitions of the library nodes it is using. This process is known as resolving dependencies, see Library node conflicts.

Setting default library paths

When you create a new document, a default set of library paths is used to populate the Nodes panel.

  1. To view the default set of user-specific paths, in the Directory click Settings, then select Designer Settings.

    In a standard installation, you will see the folders Public Documents and Data360 Nodes in the set of default library paths.

  2. To change the list of default paths used to locate nodes for use in your documents, in the Details panel, click Edit Library Paths.
Note: Changes to the default library paths will apply to all new documents that you create.

Editing document library paths

If your user role permits, you can edit the library paths for a specific document that you have open in the Designer.

  1. From the Properties panel, click Edit Library Paths.

    The Library Paths and Edit Library Paths option for the open document are listed in the Configure tab of the Properties panel when no nodes are selected on the canvas. If you have selected a node, or if you have drilled into a composite, you can access the Edit Library Paths option from the Data Flow tab.

  2. To add a new library path, in the Edit Library Paths dialog, click the Add another path folder icon and select a new location to search for library node dependencies.
  3. Library paths are searched in the order in which they are listed. If you want to change this order, select Move Up, Move Down, Move to Top or Move to Bottom from the menu button to the right of the library path.

    The menu button to the right of a library path also gives you the option to Delete a path, and you can choose whether to Search Subfolders for dependencies.

  4. When you have finished editing the library paths, click Update Paths to commit your changes and return to the Directory.