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To run RSL files in batch, issue the following command:

omnidir [flags]

The table below lists the flag options in the order in which you should specify and execute them:



/log logfile.log

Creates a Director log file of batch processing. If not specified the default log name is batchod.log.


Requests verbose logging.


Operates in offline mode.

Generates sample table definitions for any REFRESH CATALOG statements. Makes no connections to the DBMSs.

If the /sql flag is also specified, writes metadata for each server to a file (named server.sql) instead of updating the database.

/open rsmfile.rsm

Opens an existing model, which is saved in an rsm file. If you omit this option, a new model is created.

If the file name contains special characters, enclose the full name in double quotes (“rsmfile.rsm”).


If you want to create the target tables directly from Connect CDC Director, you can have Connect CDC Director create the .ddl (file that contains a description of how you created the tables) and then apply these manually. You must then fix any datatype problems manually.

Run OMNIDIR in RSL and request /ddl for the source tables. Issue the following command from the ...\director directory on your Connect CDC Director host machine:

omnidir /log <new logfile name>.log /open <model name>.rsm /ddl

Note: You must use the file extensions as shown here or you receive an error.

/rsl rslfile.rsl

Adds an rsl file to the model.

/rsm outmodel.rsm

Saves the resulting model in an rsm file.


Full commit of the model. If model is valid, sends metadata to servers.


Incremental commit of the model.

/export rslfile.rsl

Exports the model to an .rsl file.

/catsync [server=<servername>,<servername>,...] [writeto=<filename>]

Runs the catalog synchronization report. This command enables you to execute the catalog synchronization report for a particular server or list of servers or all replication servers in a model.

Optional Parameters:

  • [server=<servername>]—Specify “all” for all servers or a comma separated list of server names. Defaults to all servers in the model.

  • writeto=<filename>]—Defaults to the file name “catsync.out.” You can also specify the fully qualified path name including the filename. The path name should not have spaces.

By default the file will be saved in the location where you execute the command. If the catalog synchronization output file exists, then the contents of the output file will be overwritten. If Connect CDC Director cannot write or create the file due to IO issues, then the following statement will be recorded in the Director log file.

“Could not create the file “<filename>.” The issue could be related to access privileges or insufficient disk space."