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The names of data transformation methods are case dependent, especially important, for example, in the instance when you export a model to another database where the methods are in a different case.

All data enhancement methods are available for each distributed column (distribution keys are eligible only in unprotected tables). However, since data enhancement bypasses some of the normal Connect CDC data handling and checking, you should examine whether a given method really does make sense to use. Is its output datatype compatible with the target column datatype? Does it return character strings whose format closely resembles the format required by the target DBMS?

Note: All functions described are Java language functions. The parameter types in the parameter list for each function are specified using the Expression Handler data types.
The following are the predefined data transformation methods:
Table 1. Predefined Data Transformation Methods
Assume Compatible Character to numeric decimal Character to numeric decimal with default
Character to numeric double Character to numeric double with default Character to numeric integer
Character to numeric integer with default Compare, ignore case Concat2
Concat3 Contains Unicode char Contains Unicode char range
Conversion table Conversion table, default value Convert decimal to double
Convert decimal/double to int Convert GMT to local Convert GMT using offset
Convert null char to const Convert null decimal to const Convert null double to const
Convert null integer to const Convert null to constant Convert null to tilde character
Copy character, justify, pad Copy input  
Current date Current time Current timestamp
Date format Date format3 Date w/century to std fmt
DB2 set date to null Delimited extract Department Codes
Double to numeric decimal Female Male Table Search Has Column Value Changed
Integer to numeric decimal Is Copy Is Numeric
IsPseudoTrans Is Replication Job name
Job number Job user Journal Sequence Number
Length Lookup Table Lower Case
Numeric to character Program name Receiver Library
Receiver Name Replace character Replace unicode character
Replace unicode character range Replace word Round
Round decimal value Row manipulation type Row timestamp
Row timestamp with punctuation Sending DBMS type Sending file member name
Sending server name Sending table name Set an integer to 0
Special rules State Codes Strip special chars copy
Substring Substring to end Transaction ID
Transaction row sequence Transaction timestamp Transaction timestamp with punctuation
Transaction user name Trim Trim blanks
Trim trailing blanks Update Before Value Upper case