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Connect CDC data transformation options enable you to:

  • Specify an expression whose result (true or false) determines whether a source row is sent to a target table. This is known as a “gate condition” or condition expression.

  • Specify an expression, associated with a target column, whose result when calculated at runtime will be the value sent to the target for that column. This is referred to as a “result expression.”

  • Use column values from SQL tables, the default being the source table.

  • Use any of multiple predefined system data transformation methods (including the methods supplied in earlier versions of the product, as well as the set of special variables:

  • Row manipulation type (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)

  • Sending DBMS type (DB2, Oracle, etc.)

  • Sending server name

  • Sending table name

  • Transaction identifier

  • Transaction sequence

  • Transaction timestamp

  • Transaction user name

  • Create user data transformation methods, that can be invoked from either a user gate condition or result column expression. Coding in the C language is not required and little or no configuration is required.

  • Handle NULL values in SQL columns.

The expression language supports the following grammatical constructs:

  • Arithmetic operations using: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), and remainders (%).

  • Comparison operators allowing the construction of arbitrarily complex predicates: equal (EQ, ==), not equal (NE, !=, <>), greater than (>, GT), less than (<, LT), greater than or equal (>=, GE), and less than or equal (<=, LE).

  • Boolean operations AND and OR for joining predicates together: AND (&&), and OR (||).

  • A variety of literal values: integer (both base-10 decimal and base-16 hexidecimal), float, decimal, character, and the null literal.

  • Variable references that are either columns from an SQL table or temporary variables defined in the expression language used for holding intermediate results

  • Function calls to either Connect CDC system-defined methods or user-defined methods

  • A variety of datatypes: bit, integer, double, Boolean, date, time, timestamp, character, and decimal.

However, columns that have the following datatypes may not be used as Connect CDC expressions:

  • For MS SQL Server, ntext, binary, varbinary, IMAGE and TEXT are not allowed to be used in expressions.

  • For Sybase, binary and varbinary, IMAGE and TEXT are not allowed in expressions.

  • For Oracle, BLOB,    CLOB,    LONG,    LONG RAW

Note: The names of Expressions and Data Transformation methods are case dependent, especially important, for example, in the instance when you export a model to another database where the methods are in a different case.