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The following is a list of the steps for creating a journal mapping.

  1. Create a table on your target server.

    The table on the target server has the following:

    • Same columns as the source table for which the journal is being created. The columns in the target journal table that correspond to columns in the source table must be nullable if they are not components of the Distribution Key.

    • Additional columns for system variable values

    Receiving columns for system variables may have the names designated in the director\omnient.ini file installed with Connect CDC Director. 

    • Additional columns for any “before” values of source data updates if you want to know which column values were updated by an update statement and what the values before the update were.

  2. Define sending and receiving servers in your Connect CDC Director model.
    • Distribute your source tables to your target tables.

    This automatically maps your source columns to their corresponding target table columns, as usual. This also automatically maps any system variables defined in your target tables that match the system variables names in the omnient.ini file.

    When you select tables for distribution, you can check the Journal Mapping checkbox in the Distribute Tables dialog. (You have another opportunity to enable this for individual tables on the Target Table Properties, Mapping tab, described below.

    • On the Target Table Properties, Mapping tab, check the Journal target mapping check box if not checked during distribution (see the Distribute Tables dialog, described above).

    • For the target columns that are being generated from system variables, define a column expression that calls the system variable you want.

    Select Expression in the Method column, then click the Edit source button. To specify your expression in the Target Column Expression window, select the name of the system variable from the Method list to the right.