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Connect CDC (SQData) Architecture

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Connect CDC (SQData) Architecture
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As operating systems have matured many platform specific techniques for managing processing have been conceived. Connect CDC (SQData) can be configured on each supported platform to take advantage of those techniques and facilitates operation in heterogeneous environments using its own TCP/IP based communication capabilities.

In addition to the traditional methods of platform specific application installation, configuration and operating methods, interest in container technology has grown in recent years. While Connect CDC (SQData) is not provided as a containerized product, customers may create custom containers for various components. Precisely is container tool-chain agnostic, we can assist you as you explore integrating containers into your infrastructure.


IBM's mainframe operating system provides many unique facilities that Connect CDC (SQData) exploits for performance, reliability and cost effectiveness:

  • Operate as standard zOS JOBS or Started Tasks
  • Console command interface for both JOBS and Started Tasks
  • ISPF panel Interface for Configuration and Operation
  • System LogStreams used when possible for performance and reliability
  • zIIP Engine support for enhanced CPU cycle efficiency.
    • IMS Log Capture LogStream I/O Operations
    • zLogc Publisher LogStream I/O Operations for both captured IMS and VSAM change data capture
    • NaCL based Publisher encryption of CDC payload from zOS to other platforms


Increasingly Linux open systems based on UNIX are the platform of choice for distributed and cluster based operations:

  • Change Data Capture components may run on small commodity based systems and VM's remotely capturing Db2/LUW and Oracle.
  • Apply and Replicator Engines may run on small commodity based systems and VM's remotely writing to all Targets.
  • Apply and Replicator Engines running on Linux can utilize secure TLS connections to Capture components running on z/OS under IBM's Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS) .
  • Apply and Replicator Engines operate as Kafka Producers when running on Linux, the only platform with an officially supported Kafka C language API.
  • Apply and Replicator Engines may write directly to HDFS/ Hadoop when running on Linux, the only platform with an officially supported HDFS C language API.


Apply Engines may run on Windows and can run under a daemon configured as a Windows Service.

Cross Platform

Features that facilitate management, control and security:

  • TCP/IP is used exclusively for cross platform communication
  • SQDaemon provides cross platform authentication of communication and control between components
  • Captured data transported between platforms may be secured by VPN or NaCL based encryption or using TLS encryption between zOS and Linux