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CODE-1 Plus
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CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus Reference for all Platforms
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Optional. Use EXITOP to identify an operating exit routine for CODE-1 Plus to call after the record has been processed but before the record is written to an output file. The only system-defined field on this parameter contains the name of the operating exit routine. You can use the remaining 63 bytes to specify information that your exit routine needs.

Note that if you have also specified an output exit routine, the operating exit routine specified on the EXITOP parameter is called first. The operating exit routine does its processing and passes the record back to CODE-1 Plus. CODE-1 Plus then passes the same record to the output exit routine that you have specified for that specific output file.

CODE-1 Plus calls your exit routine with the following four parameters in the linkage section:

  • PARM1 — This parameter is 1-character, which will contain one of the following codes to tell your program what type of processing is to be performed:

  • O for open the output file

  • W for write a record to the output file

  • C for close the output file.

  • PARM2 — This parameter is the output file indicator.

If you are using a Precisely Barcoding Option or another exit routine with CODE-1 Plus, you must place a P in column 7 of the EXITOP parameter, and you must indicate the file identifiers on your parameter (refer to your Barcoding Option documentation for specific placement). CODE-1 Plus will then pass one of the following 2-byte file identifiers to your exit routine: OK for C1BMCOK; CO for C1BMNCO; ZP for C1BMIZP; or P4 for C1BMZP4.

If you are not using one of the Precisely exit routines, and you do not put a "P" in column 7, one of the following 7-byte file identifiers will be passed: C1BMCOK, C1BMNCO, C1BMIZP, or C1BMZP4.

  • PARM3 — This parameter contains the output record to be passed from CODE-1 Plus to your program. The length of this parameter will be the length of the output record as defined on the FILEDF parameter for the output file named in PARM2, above. This parameter is only valid when PARM1 is set to "W" in order to write a record to the output file.

  • PARM4 — This parameter contains the image of your EXITOP parameter, and is 80 bytes in length.


Field Name




Required. EXITOP is the only acceptable entry.


CODE-1 Plus Identifier

Optional. If you are going to use this program with the Precisely Barcoding Option or the Geocoder, you must enter "P" in this position and then use the 2-character file identifiers as parameter 2. Use only if you are using 2-character file identifiers as parameter 2 in your linkage section. No default.


Operating Exit Routine Name

Required. Name of the exit routine to call before writing each record to an output file (or before calling an output exit routine). Name must be left-justified. No default.


User-Defined Data

Optional. Enter any information that you need CODE-1 Plus to pass to your exit routine. No default.