Using the Job Import Utility - Code-1_Plus - 5.0

CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i

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CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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Use the Job Import Utility to create a ready-to-run job from a flat parameter file and parameters specified on the import command. To use the Job Import Utility, follow these steps:

  1. Add the product install and global library to your library list.

    Use the ADDLIBLE or EDTLIBL command.



  2. Verify that the job does not already exist.

    1. Call G1MM01.

    2. Select option 5: CODE-1 Plus Name/Address Coding System.

    3. Verify that the job does not appear in the list.

  3. Create a file to hold the job parameters to be imported using the create source file command:


    Note: iThe file must have a record length of 92.

    You may also use an existing source file.

  4. FTP the job parameters into the source file using your preferred method.

    You will FTP the parameter file from the source platform (Windows or Unix, for example) into a new or existing member of the source physical file created in step 3.

    Note: iSome FTP clients cannot send parameters directly to a source physical file. In these cases, create an 80-byte file and FTP the parameter file into that file. Copy that file to the source physical file using the CPYF command with parameter option FMTOPT(*CVTSRC).
  5. Import the job. Type IMPJOBC1P and press F4. The Import CODE-1 Plus Job (IMPJOBC1P) screen displays


  6. Complete the fields on the IMPJOBC1P screen with valid entries for your job.



    [Parameter] Input File Name/Library/Member

    Source physical file that you created in step 3 and member you FTP'd the parameters into in step 4.

    Job ID

    Name of the job you want to create. A Job ID may be from one to five characters in length. The characters may be A-Z, 0-9, or special characters $, @, #, or _. Embedded blanks are not permitted.

    Job Work Library

    Name of the library where the IBM i parameter file will be created (PRMC1jobid).

    Create Work Library

    Specify whether to create the Job Work Library if it does not already exist. If library does not exist but Create Work Library was not specified, the program will fail with CPF9810.

    Job Input N/A File Name/Library/Member

    In the created job, this is the default input file name on the job submission screen. Specify the input file name here (there is no parameter to define the input file name).

    Note: iOther variables on the Submit Batch Job screens (C1CPSBnn) are set to default values, including job description and output file names.
  7. Verify the results.

    1. Review the IBM i parm file using the WRKMBRPDM command:

                    WRKMBRPDM C1WORKLIB/PRMC1jobid

      In this case, you would use:

    2. Use option 5 to view the members


  8. Review the following members by specifying option 5=Display.

    Parameter Member



    Parameters that were recognized, but not otherwise processed, such as TESTIT and CHCKPT.


    Copy of the complete list of parameters being imported, as specified in step 5


    Parameters that were imported, but that do not appear in any parameter member, such as parameters that are specified on the "Submit Batch Job" screens. For example: FILEDF, DB LIB, BYPEXP, AUXIL1, and EXITOP, and so on. The values on those parameters will appear on the "Submit Batch Job" screens.


    Parameters that were ignored because their names were unrecognized.

    Other members

    Contain the imported, sorted-out parameters used by the application.

    Note: iParameters that are commented out with a leading "*" (asterisk) or "* " (asterisk+space) are sorted to the appropriate member, but are not otherwise processed.
  9. Run the job.

    1. Verify that the job now exists and is ready to run with no modifications.

    2. Start the product by calling G1MM00, or G1MM01.

    3. Select option 5: CODE-1 Plus Name/Address Coding System.

    4. The Last Activity displayed on the Work with Jobs screen (C1CPMM03) will show as "Import Job".

    5. On the Define/Submit CODE-1 Plus Job screen (C1CPDS02), the values listed under Last Activity indicate the date and time the job was imported, and will show user IMPJOBC1P.