Step 3. Querying the Database - Code-1_Plus - 5.0

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CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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The lower half of the screen changes and displays the list of cities in the database.

  1. In the Command field, type CS VA JEFFERSON and press Enter. The list of cities in Virginia is repositioned with Jefferson Manor, ZIP Code 22303 at the top of the list. This seems close enough to our original address that it bears further investigation. At this point, Jefferson Manor is a secondary city name. The primary city (i.e., the USPS-preferred city name) is obtained through the ZIP Code.


  2. In the Command field, type CZ and press Enter.The Cities in ZIP Code screen appears. Notice that there are two cities for this ZIP Code. Alexandria has a city type of "Primary," and Jefferson Manor has a city type of "Secondary." Alexandria is the USPS-preferred city name for the ZIP Code 22303.

  3. Now, see if there is a street called Hunt in this ZIP Code. To display all of the streets in the ZIP Code range for the first city (Alexandria), in the Command field type SZ HUNT and press Enter.

  4. The Streets in ZIP Code screen appears so that "HUNT" would have been the first street on the screen if it existed. Notice that there is no Hunt Street, but there is a Huntington Avenue. This bears further investigation.

  5. In the Command field, type HS 3 2560 and press Enter.

  6. The list is positioned so that the house range containing 2560 is at the top of the list. Notice that 2560 Huntington Avenue is a high rise house type.

  7. In the Command field, type FM 3 and press Enter.

  8. The Firms on a Street screen appears. The screen displays Locus Inc. located at 2560 Huntington Avenue, apartment number 302. The search is complete.