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CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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The Address Match screen occupies the top half of the physical screen in the Interactive CODE-1 Plus System, unless you have entered the FLIP command to cause the database inquiry function to be displayed on the entire physical screen. Use this screen to enter an input address for CODE-1 Plus to match against the database. CODE-1 Plus returns the matched, standardized address.

Note: iIf you attempt to use the DPV option without having a license to do so, the following message will appear at the bottom of this screen:DPV UNAVAILABLE - NO LICENSE FOUND         orDPV UNAVAILABLE - LICENSE INVALID.

Field Name


Firm Name

Optional. Name of the firm for the record you want to match.

Secondary Addr

Optional. Secondary address line for the record you want to match.

Primary Addr

Required. Primary address for the record you want to match.

City, ST

Required. Optional if ZIP Code is entered. City and state for the record you want to match. You can enter the state name or abbreviation.

ZIP Code

Required. Optional if City, St is entered. ZIP Code for the record you want to match.

USPS County Name or  Urb. Name

If the address matches to a Puerto Rican address that has an urbanization name associated with it, this field contains that urbanization name. Otherwise, the field contains the USPS county name where the matched address is located. If Geographic Coding Plus is installed, you can optionally display the Geographic Coding county name.

Matched Addr.

Matched standardized address, including apartment number.

City, State ZIP

Matched standardized city/state/ZIP Code line.

CRRT (Carrier Route)

Matched standardized Carrier Route Code. If the CRRT field displays "R777", the ZIP+4 was suppressed because the record matched to an R777 (phantom) carrier route. For more information, refer to"Z4OUT" in your CODE-1 Plus Reference Guide.

DPBC + Check

Matched delivery point barcode (DPBC) and check digit.