Control Totals Report - Code-1_Plus - 5.0

CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i

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CODE-1 Plus
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CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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The Control Totals Report provides statistics on processed, matched, and unmatched records for a job. The top of the Control Totals Report displays the CODE-1 Plus release and the vintage dates of the installed databases. This report prints automatically when your job is run and cannot be suppressed. Counts and percentages print for the following fields.



Input Name/Address Records Read

Number of records read from the input name-and-address file C1BMNAM.

Name/Address Records Processed

Number of records processed. If you used the Z4CHANGE option, the Bypassed by Z4CHANGE Option entry appears after the Input Name/Address Records Read, File C1BMNAM entry. The Z4CHANGE entry shows how many input records did not have to be processed based on the Z4CHANGE Master File.

Total Records for Which Address Match Attempted

Number of records for which a record match was attempted against the database. The subcategories for this field are the following:

  • Original ZIP Code Confirmed—the input ZIP Code matched the database.

  • New ZIP Code Determined—the ZIP Code was changed from the input as the result of a database match.

  • Multiple New ZIP Codes Determined—these records were not matched because the input ZIP Code was not correct and there were multiple possible new ZIP Codes.

  • Original ZIP Code Retained—(No Address Match Possible)—these records were not matched, but since the input ZIP Code was a valid USPS ZIP Code, it was retained.

  • No ZIP Code Available—these records were not coded and the input ZIP Code could not be retained because it was invalid.

Total Unmatched Records

Statistics for the records that could not be matched against the USPS database, broken down by result code. This category is a breakdown of the records indicated in the last three sub-categories listed above.

Total Records Successfully Matched

Total number of records that were successfully matched and stored on the output file.

ZIP + 4 Code Stored Successfully

Number of records that were stored with valid ZIP + 4 Codes.

Carrier Route Code Stored Successfully

Number of records that were stored with valid carrier route codes.

Standard Address Stored Successfully

Number of records that were stored with valid standardized addresses.

Line of Travel Coding Attempts

Number of records for which an attempt was made to retrieve a LOT Code.

Address Match Yielding Street Alias

Number of records that were matched, and which contained a street alias.

Records Matching USPS Record Types

Number of records that were matched, broken down by USPS Record type.

Records Receiving Bnnn, Cnnn, Hnnn, and Rnnn

Number of records receiving each type of carrier route code.

PreciselyID Match fields

When the optional PreciselyID processing is enabled, the Control Totals report displays additional match statistics such as the total number of match attempts, successful and unsuccessful matches, and the number of primary matches found.