Certifying Your Configurations - Code-1_Plus - 5.0

CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i

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CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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If you do not use one of the configurations certified by Precisely, or if you are calling CODE-1 Plus from your own application, you will have to certify the configurations you are using in order to qualify for mailing discount rates.

Before undertaking your own CASS certifications, serious consideration should be given to support, audit, and on-going testing for CASS. The standard maintenance and support agreement does not provide support for clients obtaining their own certification or NCOA approval.

You can obtain support from our Professional Services Group for your own certification or NCOA approval. Please contact your local sales or support representative for details.

Note: iYour product license agreement may not permit you to obtain your own certification. Please review your software agreement for scope and use of CODE-1 Plus.

When ordering the CASS materials from the USPS, you can request:

  • Stage 1 (self-measurement) media

  • Stage 2 (certification test) media

  • Both media

You are encouraged to order both media, and to experiment with the Stage 1 File until you are satisfied with the results. During this process, examine the returned address elements returned by CODE-1 Plus that differ from those the USPS views as "correct."

When you submit your Stage 2 test. the USPS will probably require you to submit the "parameters used for matching." To satisfy this requirement, you should set up a job for CASS, and submit the parameter list produced by the job to the USPS.

Use the "CASSA1" parameter to fill in the CASS-certified company name, software name, and software version if you attempt CASS certification with CODE-1 Plus (using our batch driver C1BM00) and have your company and/or software name on record with the USPS as a CASS-certified company.