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CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i

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CODE-1 Plus
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CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus Guide for IBM i
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When you type specifications for your input name-and-address records and for the layout and contents of the output records, the batch system generates one or more output files of matched, standardized name-and-address records. The are seven main components of batch CODE-1 Plus are described in the following sections.

Defaults for Print Output

The Defaults for Print Output component allows you to specify the headers, footers, date, and the number of lines to print on each page of the CODE-1 Plus reports.

Reformat Input Record

The Reformat Input Record component allows you to rearrange the components of your input records before the record is processed. The information you identify is copied, but not removed, from its original location in the input record. This feature is useful for saving data that might otherwise be overwritten by data returned from CODE-1 Plus. A maximum of 100 MOVE I operations can be defined for a job. The move operations are processed one at a time, in sequence.

Name/Address File Layout

The Name/Address File Layout component allows you to specify information about the layout of the data in the input name-and-address records.

Name/Address Record Posting

The Name/Address Record Posting component allows you to define the content and layout of your output records.

Reformat Output Record

The Reformat Output Record component allows you to rearrange pieces of the output record before the record is written to the output file. CODE-1 Plus:

  • Processes the record

  • Copies the record to an output record array

  • Copies the entire record to a temporary work area (if requested)

  • Copies data from a specific location in the work area back to a specific location in the output record array

  • Writes the information directly to your output file (or passes the information to an output exit routine).

You can define a maximum of 100 MOVE O parameters for a job. The move operations are processed one at a time, in sequence.

Report Selection

The Report Selection component allows you to determine the CODE-1 Plus reports to print when you submit your job. Some reports are required and print for every job. You can select the optional reports to print with your job.

Submit Batch Job

The Submit Batch Job component allows you to submit a job to:

  • Match your input records

  • Create your output records

  • Generate your reports

This component allows you to limit the number of records processed during the job. Limiting the number of records processed during the job can be particularly useful when you want to test the specifications you have defined for your job.