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Some transactions require the user to run multiple script files as a group together when uploading data. The group of scripts can include Query and Transaction scripts. If you are working with Evolve, you can send multiple files as a group for review and approval. The files are kept together as a unit throughout the review process.


Notes: Multiple script submissions are supported only when the first script (also known as the "base script") is a Transaction script.

Within a multiple-script file package, only one script can be scheduled on the server.

Multiple-script submissions are applicable in the following instances: 

  1. Round-trip scenario (replaces the template workaround used formerly).For a server run, Query can be used to download manually, and Transaction scripts can be scheduled on the server.For a desktop run, choose the scripts manually. Round-trip scripts can be submitted to an Excel workflow. ​
  2. Transaction validation and posting scripts. For a server run, a validation script can be used to validate data. A posting script can be scheduled on a server. Excel workflow and desktop run scenarios remain the same as they were previously.​

During a Transaction script submission, a Query script can be added.​

Script settings such as RTV, input files, and system usage level are respected for Query - just as they are with scripts submitted on an individual basis. ​

Scripts included in multiple solutions must have different names; otherwise, full script names and their extensions must be noted in the AutoRun plug-in parameter. This enables you to run both scripts in a solution.​

Support for Schedule on Server is available for multiple scripts with standard workflows.​

If you link scripts, the script files launch and execute in sequence.

  • Multiple script submissions and linked script submissions can have only one data review process for all script files.
  • Each script must have a unique name and description. If a file with the same name exists on the server, and if you are the creator of the file on the server, you can create a new version of the file. Otherwise, you must change the name of the new file that you are submitting. A file with the same name as another file cannot be embedded.
  • Each script must include a sheet name.
  • Linked script files cannot be included when multiple script files are sent for approval. If linked script files are sent, only the first script (the "base script") is recognized and added to the set of files.