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  1. In the Mapper, select the fields that you want to include in the loop, starting with the row for the first screen that contains the fields, and ending with the row for the last field.
  2. Click Create Loop.

    create loop button

    If Create Loop is not available, click the Expert View tab.

  3. In the Loop box, confirm that the correct rows are displayed in the Repeat script rows boxes.
  4. Confirm or change the other properties:
    • Loop identifier column: Click the arrow, check the Show unmapped columns box, click the column that you want, and then click Go. Use a column that is not already mapped to a field in the Mapper.
    • Text to identify transaction header: Type the column letter that specifies the header data for the script recording (the default is H).
    • Text to identify repeating Line Items: Type the column letter that specifies the detail line item data for the script recording (the default is D).
  5. Click OK.

    The Mapper displays a Loop While... End Loop bracket around the fields.

  6. Click the Run tab.

    If you want to include the data you recorded, move the line item data to a separate row and follow the instructions below.

  7. Enter the header data on one row, and then type the Transaction Header identifier (for example, H) in the Loop ID column.
  8. On a new row, enter the data for the first line item, and then type the Line Item identifier (for example, D) in the Loop ID column. Repeat for the remaining line items that you want to upload.

    data layout for data and loop id column

Change the loop

  • Click the Loop While or End Loop label to reopen the Loop box.

Cut, copy, and paste the loop

Select and copy the complete loop block, pasting it elsewhere in the Mapper.

Delete the loop

  1. In the Mapper, click the start row or end row of the loop to select the row.
  2. Right-click the row, and then click Delete.

For more information about loops, including multiple sheet loops, see Advanced looping.