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Add or Remove Supporting Documents in an Excel Workflow

Data files submissions can be rejected if the supporting documents attached for audit trails are incorrect. When that occurs, the person who reviews the data file or completes the task needs the ability to add or remove the supporting documents which were submitted as part of the first step in the process.

In Studio 20.3, in the Excel workflow (Custom Workflow), users who have been assigned an Activity or Approval task at any step of the workflow can add or remove supporting documents which have been attached to a data file.

To enable adding or removing supporting documents in an Excel workflow, set the AllowReplacement property for the task to true.

Add new

Click Add New to select a document from your local machine and upload it. The document you select from the directory is added to grid, and will be submitted to Evolve when you click Save to Evolve.


After selecting one or more documents available in the grid (using the checkboxes), click Remove to remove from the grid the supporting documents uploaded with the data file. Then, to remove them from Evolve, click Save to Evolve.


Zip is enabled only when all supporting documents are newly added for a data file from this window.

Save to Evolve

Clicking Save to Evolve displays the summary screen, which includes the documents updated and documents removed; the file name and the mapped file name are noted.

Further information
  • If you attach a supporting document with multiple data files, removing a document will delete only the link for that specific data file. The supporting document remains attached to the other data files, and is not deleted from Evolve.
  • If the supporting document is attached to just one data file, removing the document deletes it from Evolve.
  • A supporting document with a name greater than 124 characters will be allowed for submission to Evolve, and will be given an exception if you click on Save to Evolve.
  • If you attach a supporting document during the submission of the transaction, the attached supporting documents will be uploaded to SAP.