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To help limit errors during data input, you can use the Allowed Values feature to restrict the values that are available for certain fields in the Excel data file. These values are available to runners when they click Lookup Values. The values are stored with the Transaction script and do not change when other data changes during a run.

The list of allowed values supports wildcard characters. For example, you can add 1* to the values list to include all values that start with 1 as valid values for the field.

You can assign allowed values in three different ways:

  • Assign limits.
  • Create a static list of values.
  • Create a dynamic lookup list of values. Use this option when the list of possible values might change frequently.

Assign limits

  1. In the Mapper, select the field you want to restrict values on.
  2. On the ribbon, click Allowed Values.
  3. In the Allowed Values box, click Operator and choose an operator.

    For example, you can choose Is Between.

  4. Type the values you want in the box or boxes that appear.
  5. To add restrictions, click the plus sign, and then repeat steps 3 and 4.

Create a list of allowed values that will not change

  1. In the Mapper, select the field you want to restrict values on.
  2. On the ribbon, click Allowed Values.
  3. In the Allowed Values box, click Operator, and then click Is In List or Is Not In List.
  4. Confirm that the Static Value List option is selected.
  5. Click Import and then do one of the following:
    • Click From File, click the Browse button, locate the file, click Open, set the import options, and then click OK twice.
    • Click From Cut/Copy & Paste, paste the values into the box, click Next, set the import options, click Finish, and then click OK.
    • Click From SAP F4 Lookup, log on to SAP, select the values you want to include, click the SAP Continue button, and then click OK twice.

Using allowed values

When you click Lookup Values on the Run tab, Studio displays the list of allowed values instead of the full list of values from SAP.

If there are errors when you validate or run the script, Studio displays a warning message, and the record is not posted to SAP. To check the data first, run offline validation by clicking Check Data.

Using Excel to limit values

You can also limit input values by adding data validation in Microsoft Excel. If the worksheet already contains data validation, Studio will not remove it.