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After you create a script, you may need to submit it for review. The process is outlined below.

Submit a Solution for review

  1. Click the Save icon at the top left. If you change the default file names (the default Script and Data File names), do not exceed 128 characters. Files with names that are longer than 128 characters cannot be submitted from Studio.
  2. Make any changes that you want to the file names, and then click Save Both Files.Tip: If you give a solution the same name as a solution you created previously and that previous solution is already in production, the new solution will become an updated version of the original solution. For more information, see Solutions with the same name below.
  3. On the Evolve tab, click Submit.
  4. On the Script Information tab, add the solution name and description, the system usage level sheet, and the sheet and lock sheet data. Click Next.  If you are submitting multiple scripts, click Multiple Scripts before you click Next. For more information, see Multiple script files or linked script files.
  5. To ensure that runners always use the specified sheet, check the Lock sheets box. Click Next.
  6. On the Data Template tab, set the Template path and the Solution name to read-only. Click Next.
  7. On the Solution File Workflow tab, select the Destination Library. Choose from the list of available libraries. If there are no custom libraries listed, a default library will be listed (and grayed out). Then select the Reviewer and click Next.
  8. In Supporting Documents, attach any supporting documents (an individual file). You can zip these files into a folder by clicking on Zip (the name of the zipped folder will be the same as the solution name). To unzip the files from the folder, click Unzip. Click Next.  supporting documents include extra scripts, data sheets, or any other files which explain what you are submitting for approval.
  9. On the Summary tab, click the Edit button to make any changes to the information. Studio will take you to the corresponding screen in the wizard. Make the changes you need and click Next until you return to the Summary screen.
    edit button on the submit wizard summary screen
  10. Click Submit.
  11. When Studio has finished submitting the script, click OK.
  12. Run the script.

Solutions with the same name

If you submit a solution with the same name as a solution you created previously, and the older solution is already on the server in production status, the new solution will become an updated version of the original solution. To avoid this, use a new name for each new solution you create.

If a solution with the same name was created by someone else or is already on the server but is not yet in production, you must likewise use a new solution name for each new solution you create.

Data templates

A data template is a file that includes the headers you selected during the mapping stage.

When you resubmit a previously rejected file for approval, you can opt to create a new data template.

After the solution is approved, you can download a local copy of the data template and run it to download the data.

Review task

After you complete the wizard to submit a solution for review, the reviewer of the solution takes the following steps: 

  1. Click the File tab, and then click My Workflow Tasks.
  2. Click Complete Tasks.

The reviewer will automatically receive an email message with a link to the script.

Submit a Solution that has been rejected

When a solution is rejected and returned to you for updates, do the following: 

  1. Save the solution locally.
  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Click Submit and complete the wizard to resubmit it.