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You can open the Query script and download the data from the Run tab in Studio, or you can use the Excel Add-in.

  1. Click the File tab, and click Open.
  2. Under Open, click Query Solution Library.
  3. Double-click the script in the Query Solution Library on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the Run tab and adjust any of the following settings:
    • To make a test run, type a number in the # Records box. Or click the arrow below the Run button and click Run Script and Retrieve Only 50 Records.
    • To find out how big the run will be, click Number of Entries.
    • To ensure that future runners provide a run reason, check the Require Run Reason box.
    • To free up resources for other tasks to run on the SAP server, check the Run as SAP Background Process.
    • To download many records without slowing the SAP system, be sure that the Enable Adaptive Query Throttling box is checked.
    • To control how Studio Query chunks the data, check the Data Chunks box and enter a value. The maximum allowed value is 450000.

    If you are downloading data to a text file (.txt), choose the Record Delimiter and Header Delimiter.

  5. Click Run.

    If you do not see the Run button, or you see a button that says Test, either the script has not been approved or you opened a local copy. Open the file from the Query Solution library.

    If you are downloading data to a SQL Server table, you will be prompted to provide your credentials.


    The account that you use to write to SQL Server must have db_owner or db_ddladmin membership on the database that contains the target table.

  6. Provide values for any user-defined values, and then confirm the query criteria by clicking OK.

    The data is downloaded to the Excel file.

Stop a table-based query run

If you inadvertently begin a large run, stop the query by clicking the Stop button.

You can stop a running query only if it has been created from tables. You cannot stop a query run that was created with InfoSets, SAP queries, or logical databases.