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When you use a logical database (LDB) to download data from SAP, the criteria fields are already selected for you.

Important: LDBs are available only on systems that have the Automate Function Module (WFM) installed.

Choose the creation method and log on to SAP

  1. Click the File tab, and then click New.
  2. Click Query.
  3. Under Choose a Creation Method, click Create from Logical Database.
  4. On the Studio logon screen, do one of the following:
    • Click the SAP system box and then click the SAP system you want to log onto.
    • Click Advanced SAP Logon. In the SAP Logon box, choose your SAP system, and then type your client number, user name, and password.

    To save your credentials for future sessions, check the Save as auto logon credentials box and type a name for the credentials in the Auto logon name box. The next time you log on to SAP from Studio, you will see your Auto logon name in the SAP system box and your other credentials. All you have to do is click the logon button.

  5. Click OK.

Select the logical database

  1. In the Data type box, choose the type of result file you want to use for the downloaded data:
    • Excel worksheet
    • Access database file
    • Text file
    • Web Form (for XML)
    • SQL Server file
    • Reference Data list

    The account that you use to write to SQL Server must have db_owner or db_ddladmin membership on the database that contains the target table.

  2. Click Create Script.
  3. Search for the logical database (LDB) or click LDB Search, click Data Dictionary, and expand the data dictionary.

    Studio shows you the hierarchy of databases.

  4. Double-click a database node to add the database to the workspace.

    You cannot add more than one node that is at the same level in the hierarchy.

    To see the fields inside a database, click the database in the workspace, and then click Inspect Logical Database Node.

  5. Check the Output boxes for the fields that you want to include in the query.

The next step is to define criteria.