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Automate Studio with Connect User Guide
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First, you need to activate Studio. You can then check version compatibility and your SAP authorizations, and connect to SAP.

Studio shuttles data back and forth between SAP and a data file. You can use either an Excel worksheet, an Access database, or an Excel form—depending on your Automate environment. For more information, see What types of data source files can I use?

Set your options

You can choose locations of scripts and data files in the Options dialog box. For more information, see Studio Options.

Tips for getting started with Studio

Start with non-production servers

When you create a script, develop and test the script on a non-production SAP server. Do not run a script on a production server before it has been tested and approved.

Look up SAP codes

When you are recording a transaction or building a query, you need to know the transaction code or the table name. You can look up the code or table in SAP.

Look up an SAP transaction code

If you know the menu path in SAP R/3, but not the transaction code, you can find the transaction code in either of the following ways:

  • Start the transaction, and then click the drop-down list in the status bar that can be expanded at the bottom of your SAP screen. The list contains information about your SAP system, including the Transaction code.
  • Start the transaction. On the System menu, click Status. The transaction code is shown in the Repository data section of the System Status screen.

Look up an SAP technical table or field name

In SAP, place the cursor in the field you want, press F1, and then click Technical Information.

Get help with Studio

Looking for a command or feature? See the Where is it in Studio 20.3 topic.

This documentation set includes the basic instructions for recording, mapping, and running scripts that upload data to SAP or download data from SAP, as well as information on how to use advanced commands and features.

Use the Google Custom Search box to look for additional information.

To contact Automate Support with a suggestion or issue, click File, click Help, and then click Contact Us.