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Studio with Connect End of Life FAQs

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Studio with Connect End of Life FAQs
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  1. Is there a video that I can watch to learn about the Studio with Connect End of Life announcement and what my options are for moving forward?
    • Yes, please go here. We recommend watching it before reviewing the rest of this FAQ document since it is likely to address most of your questions.
  2. What is Studio Administrator?
    • It is the administrative portion of Precisely Automate Studio product version 24.0 and later. Studio Administrator is a modern replacement with enhanced security for our existing license management and usage reporting system called Winshuttle or Automate Connect. Studio Administrator is where your license administrator will manage Studio subscription licenses & users from version 24.0 and above. You can watch an introductory video tour of it here.
  3. What is happening to the Studio with Winshuttle Connect product (please note this is different from Precisely’s Connect product used for data integration)?
    • The Studio with Winshuttle Connect product is going into limited support on September 1, 2024 and then it will become end of life on September 1, 2025. The product will cease functioning as of that date.
    • It is based on software technology that has become obsolete and unsupportable. It cannot continue to function reliably and thus needs to be sunset.
  4. Can I upgrade Studio to version 24.0 or later?
    • No, the Studio with Connect product is in a maintenance only state and no further improvements will be made to that product. Its last release is version 20.3.2.
    • Version 24.0 and later are releases of the new Studio with Studio Administrator product.
    • Studio with Connect licenses do not work with the Studio with Studio Administrator product so attempting to install version 24.0 and above of Studio with existing Studio with Connect licenses will fail.
  5.  How can I migrate from Studio with Connect to Studio with Studio Administrator?
    • The Studio with Studio Administrator product only supports subscription licenses so you will need to sign a product exchange quote to get the appropriate numbers and types of subscription licenses on Studio with Studio Administrator.
    • If you currently only have subscription Studio with Connect licenses, you are eligible to migrate to Studio with Studio Administrator without changes to your subscription agreement. You can request a no cost product exchange quote to sign to get your new licenses by opening a support case with Precisely Customer Support ahead of your renewal date or your renewal representative will contact you in advance of your next renewal period and work with you then.
    • If you have one or more perpetual desktop licenses with an active maintenance agreement for Studio with Connect, you will need a product exchange quote to exchange your perpetual licenses for Studio with Studio Administrator subscription licenses since Studio with Studio Administrator only supports subscription licenses. Please create a customer support ticket with Precisely Customer Support and they will route it to your renewal representative to learn about options for exchanging your licenses if you want to start your migration process in advance of when your Precisely renewal representative reaches out to you ahead of your currently scheduled renewal date.
    • You will need to follow the Automate Studio Administrator migration guide so you can self-migrate your existing users email addresses and license types to Studio Administrator. It is a simple process to follow.
  6. How long will a migration to Studio with Studio Administrator take?
    • Once you have received your new Studio with Studio Administrator licenses, then it probably will take you less than an hour to download your licenses from Connect, edit the data in Excel, upload it to Studio Administrator and assign licenses to end users. If you have more than 50 licenses, then it might take a bit longer to prepare your end user data file for upload.
    • The rest of your migration time is dependent on your own internal process for how much time you typically spend doing acceptance or regression testing of a new Studio version with your script library being the main factor. Another important factor is how long it takes your organization to review, approve and then deploy the Automat Function Module.
  7. What other migration considerations are there?
    • You cannot run multiple versions of the Studio client software on the same laptop computer unless you have a virtual desktop client for the second version of the Studio client. Thus, we recommend you plan to install the Studio client version 24.x or later after you have assigned the subscription license using Studio Administrator.
    • Beyond installing the Studio desktop client for Studio Administrator, we recommend upgrading to the 24.0 Automate Function Module (AFM) on your SAP system as well. Our recommendation is always to have the Studio client and AFM version match. If you are migrating from 11.x or earlier, you may need to upgrade your Function Module to ensure your scripts are functioning as expected. There are also many updates to Studio features and functionality from earlier versions, please see our documentation here for information on Studio changes from earlier versions that may impact your scripts.
  8. Where can I find a list of all the related resources for the migration from Studio with Connect to Studio with Studio Administrator?
  9. Can I still migrate to version 24.0 or later if I am using a product license without an active maintenance or subscription agreement?
    • If your maintenance agreement ended less than 12 months ago, please reach out to your Renewals representative but if your maintenance ended more than 12 months ago, please contact your Precisely Sales representative. If you don’t know who your Precisely Sales representative is, you can reach out here to inquire Contact Precisely - Get in touch with Sales, Media & Support
  10. What other options do you have other than migrating to Studio with Studio Administrator?
    • Depending on your use cases, our server-based Studio Manager or Evolve products may be a better fit. Both are available as Precisely hosted platforms with limited time deals that bundle in usage of their APIs for unattended automation use cases like using an RPA bot with a Studio script for greater performance with low Total Cost of Ownership.
    • If you want to have perpetual licenses for Studio with Studio Manager or Evolve, that is only available for a customer managed (on-premises) deployment rather than Precisely hosted.
  11. What version of Studio with Studio Administrator will have full compatibility support for SAP GUI 8.00?
    • Version 24.0 and above of Studio with Studio Administrator will have full support for SAP GUI 8.00 patch 5 and above for both 32-bit and 64-bit clients.
  12. What version of Studio with Studio Administrator will have full support for S/4HANA 2023?
    • Our version 24.0 Automate Function Module is SAP certified and will have full support for S/4HANA 2023.
  13. What are the differences between Studio with Connect and Studio with Studio Administrator?
  14. Is there a new End User License Agreement (EULA) for Studio with Studio Administrator?
    • Yes, license administrators will be asked to agree to the EULA the first time they login to Studio Administrator on behalf of their organization’s end users.
  15. Can I migrate my existing users accounts in Connect to Studio Administrator?
    • No, Studio Administrator uses a completely different authentication system and so the previous Winshuttle Connect accounts cannot be migrated. Your license administrator can however export a list of users from Connect and import those users into Studio Administrator, but users will have to set a new password. See the Studio Administrator migration guide for details.
  16. Will my usage data be migrated to Studio Administrator?
    • Usage data will not be migrated in this release of Studio Administrator.That is something we are looking into for a later release before Studio with Connect goes end of life. In the meantime, you can download your usage reports from Connect so that you still have that data.
  17. Is Studio Administrator available in languages besides English?
    • The first release is English only, however localization in French, German, Spanish and Japanese will be available in a release later in 2024.
  18. What location is the usage data stored in the Precisely hosted and managed Studio Administrator site?
    • In the initial release, all account data will be managed out of the US (United States) based instance of Studio Administrator. In a subsequent release, there will be data centers available in Germany and Japan so that organizations can chose which country that they want all their users usage data and reports located.
    • A single organization can’t have different sets of users connecting to different Studio Administrator systems located in different countries so your organization will have to pick a single country in which all their users licenses and usage data and reports will be stored.