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20.3 November 11, 2022

  • No actions are allowed on the document when it is opened from the Documents page. User may get incorrect error message if they try to perform actions using custom buttons.

  • User with different username and email address is not supported with OAuth setup of any Identity provider type.

    For example, OAuth - OKTA user having Username as and Email id as would not be able to Sign in on OAuth type Evolve setup.

  • If a chain has Query script(s) and run settings is All from individual, then the Query script does not ask for SAP credentials and runs on the same server as that of the previous script in chain.

  • In email settings, the Delete button is not available on outgoing email (EWS OAuth) page with saved settings. Workaround: To delete the saved EWS OAuth outgoing email settings -
    1. Go to Outgoing Mail settings.
    2. Input STMP type mail settings and click Save.
    3. Click Delete.
    4. Click Yes to confirm deletion.
    The Outgoing mail settings will be deleted for EWS OAuth.
  • While creating a report in Evolve, if user selects the same field multiple times using different values, then columns with same field name will be displayed in filters multiple times (as values are not shown in the filters).
  • Order by clause works only when the Report's Query has the top keyword.

    Workaround: If you have to use Order by clause in the Query, use "Select TOP (100) PERCENT" when you do not have a specific number for top clause.

  • If solution field is not present in Solution, then filter on Name and Status with all options in Document and Document Explorer can not be applied.
  • An Error might occur while launching internal portal site on Firefox browser and site would not work. However, with Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers internal portal site works fine.
  • The status of Webservice execution that is triggered via rule on Form load is not indicated by the spinner.