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  • Resolved Clone Bug causing failure of Business job cloning.
  • Corrected translate functionality in Evolve Solution, ensuring correct values in reference list dropdowns.
  • Resolved SAML authentication issue with Okta login in Automate Evolve.
  • Fixed LDAP Connection failure due to invalid settings.
  • Addressed "Error: Publish Dacpac File" during Evolve upgrade to v20.3.1.
  • Resolved vulnerability related to drafts in Workflow Forms.
  • Fixed issue with Task Assignment Emails not working.
  • Addressed issues with email templates.
  • Addressed "Expression must evaluate to a node-set" error when adding a lookup element in the form.
  • Resolved Database Query Plugin not accepting semicolon in Update Query.
  • Corrected translation functionality to work for all users.
  • Fixed error preventing submission of drafts due to new version.
  • Addressed handling of new line before and after "From" in Report Query in Evolve.
  • Resolved occurrence of random blank screen on form refresh.
  • Fixed issue preventing submission of forms.
  • Addressed NLog errors occurring in the system.
  • Rectified issue where Promoted Fields values were not appearing in Documents/Tasks.
  • Ensured that the minimum character value is obeyed in the Lookup control.
  • Addressed issue where AutoApprove Message did not display SolutionFields or Form Fields.
  • Rectified issue where previous fixes stopped working after upgrading to version 20.3.
  • Provided solution to restart Winshuttleupdatejobs stuck in "waiting" status.
  • Resolved data loss issue in Evolve Excel Workflow with parallel approval.
  • Fixed failure of Automate Evolve/REST API Call containing special characters in header parameter value.
  • Addressed issue where SAP system change did not persist after deployment.
  • Resolved issue of stuck Child Jobs on Evolve.
  • Fixed error occurring while loading set of chained scripts into Studio Manager.
  • Prevented deletion of Solution data library when used in other solutions.
  • Resolved error in Winshuttle data file related to object reference.
  • Fixed issue where only the first line was processed in CJ2B.
  • Corrected Lookup Values function to select the correct field.
  • Fixed issue of repeating table not executing rules on 2nd view or after upload from Excel.
  • Ensured Required property works on disabled field in Evolve.
  • Addressed issue where Evolve did not recognize ODBC(MySQL) connection.
  • Resolved errors occurring with 11th script uploaded in a set of multiple scripts for a template.
  • Corrected display of incorrect names for Forms tabs in Evolve Explorer.
  • Resolved "Something Went Wrong" error appearing in case of no user.
  • Addressed ISAE - INVALID_MAIL_SERVER_TYPE and Index Out Of Range Exception Errors in Logs.
  • Fixed issue of Reference Data List file not saving in documents after data update.
  • Resolved issue of Archiving not working.
  • Ensured proper functionality of Automatic task Lock Type in Forms.
  • Addressed issue of Name set by "FormTitleType"/"FormTitle" keys not getting reset after leaving page.
  • Fixed issue of Process History disappearing during running Web Service Address Doctor.
  • Resolved "Sheet not found" error message occurring in Chained scripts from Studio 12.1 when running in Studio 20.2.
  • Addressed error of Workflow form repeating Query execution reloadXml.
  • Resolved Query script ErrorCode 2046.
  • Localized some error messages in German and Spanish locales that were previously displayed in English.