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License Manager for IBM i Products

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Assure Security > Assure Encryption
Assure Security > Assure DB2 Data Monitor (DB2MON)
Assure MIMIX™ Software
Assure Security > Assure Monitoring and Reporting (AMR)
Assure Security > Assure Elevated Authority Manager (EAM)
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Assure Security > Assure System Access Manager (SAM)
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License Manager for IBM i Products
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When a product is already installed, the Update License Keys (UPDLICKEY) command provides an alternative method of obtaining and applying license keys through the native user interface.

Do the following:

  1. On each system for which you want to obtain license keys, do the following:
    1. Type LAKEVIEW/WRKLICKEY and press Enter to access the Work with License Keys display.

    2. Press F8 (Update licenses).

    3. The Update License Keys (UPDLICKEY) display appears. Additional information appears on the display, which describes how to obtain license keys. Make note of the LRP name displayed and transfer the file to a PC capable of communicating with the Internet.

  2. On that PC, bring up the Precisely website at precisely.com/licensekeys.
  3. Log in to the portal using your Support login information.

  4. The LRP Upload page appears. At Upload License Request Packages, click Browse to navigate to the location of your LRP.

  5. Select the LRP file and click Open.

  6. Click Add.

  7. At Generate License Keys, click Generate license keys to generate your LKP.

  8. At Download License Key Package, click Download LKP to save the LKP to your PC.

  9. Transfer the LKP from your PC to the system. It is recommended that you save it into the /VisionSolutions/LicenseKeys directory on your system. Make note of the full path name while saving.

  10. Press F16 (Continue) on the Update License Keys wizard panel. The Apply License Keys (APYLICKEY) display appears.

  11. At the LKP path and file name prompt, specify the location of the LKP file you saved in Step 9 and press Enter. The License Manager Main Menu reappears.

  12. You should see message LVI0902 that indicates the change was complete.

    Note: If you see error message LVE100B, position the cursor on the message and press F1 (Help) to see information about the cause of the error.
  13. To see the updated information on the Work with License Keys display, press F5 (Refresh).