Installing or upgrading the Assure UI server and portal application - Windows - Assure_DB2_Data_Monitor_(DB2MON) - Assure_Elevated_Authority_Manager_(EAM) - Assure_Encryption - Assure_Monitoring_and_Reporting_(AMR) - Assure_Secure_File_Transfer - Assure_Secure_File_Transfer_ - Assure_Secure_File_Transfer_PGP - Assure_Secure_File_Transfer_with_PGP - Assure_Security_Multi-Factor_Authentication_(MFA) - Assure_System_Access_Manager_(SAM) - Required_for_All_Modules - assure_ioptimize - assure_itera - assure_mimix - 10.0

License Manager for IBM i Products

Product type
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Assure iTERA
Assure iOptimize
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer
Assure Security > Required for All Modules
Assure Security > Assure Monitoring and Reporting (AMR)
Assure Security > Assure Elevated Authority Manager (EAM)
Assure Security > Assure System Access Manager (SAM)
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer with PGP
Assure Security > Assure Encryption
Assure Security > Assure DB2 Data Monitor (DB2MON)
Assure MIMIX™ Software
Assure Security > Assure Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Product name
License Manager for IBM i Products
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The native user interface command-based procedures documented in this book for installing Precisely products do not automatically install the product’s portal application or the Assure Unified Interface on any Windows platform.

Before installing or upgrading the Assure Unified Interface on a Windows server, confirm that your portal applications are compatible by checking the information in Assure UI portal upgrade and portal application compatibility considerations.

If you choose to run the Assure Unified Interface on a supported Windows server, after you install the product, you must take additional action to install or update the portal application and the Assure UI server on the Windows server. Do the following:

  1. Download the Assure Unified Interface & Portal Application Installation Wizard for Windows from the product’s download page on Support.

  2. Ensure that your client workstation meets the minimum requirements for using this wizard. The user who runs this wizard must have administrator privileges for the system on which it is run. For a complete list of wizard requirements and details about where the software is installed, see the More info link in the wizard’s Welcome panel, or on the download page in Support Central.

  3. Run the wizard.

  4. If you did not use default options in the wizard to automatically start the Assure UI server, start it now. From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Precisely Assure and click Start Server.

  5. Open a browser window to the Assure Unified Interface. From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Precisely Assure and click Assure Unified Interface.

  6. Log in to the Assure Unified Interface using your Windows user ID and password.

  7. If this is the first time the Assure Unified Interface has been installed on the Windows server, complete the setup using Completing the Assure UI portal setup for a new installation.