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License Manager for IBM i Products

Product type
Product family
Assure Security > Assure System Access Manager (SAM)
Assure Security > Assure Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Assure Security > Assure Elevated Authority Manager (EAM)
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer with PGP
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer
Assure iOptimize
Assure Security > Assure Encryption
Assure Security > Assure DB2 Data Monitor (DB2MON)
Assure Security > Assure Monitoring and Reporting (AMR)
Assure Security > Required for All Modules
Assure iTERA
Assure MIMIX™ Software
Product name
License Manager for IBM i Products
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The Install Precisely Product (INSPRD) command allows you to start the installation process for Precisely software. When using this command, be aware of the following restrictions and conditions, which apply to the Installation Library (INSTLIB) prompt:

  • Specifying the default, *SELECT, allows you to display the list of product libraries from which to select on the INSPRD command. You must choose this option if any of the following conditions apply:

    • You are adding a new product to a library (new installation).

    • You are upgrading to a higher Version number (V) or a higher Update level (U).

    • You do not want to retain configuration data during the install. In this case, you must also specify KEEPCFG(*NO) for Step 11c in Installing products.

    • You are installing a lower Service pack (SP) on an existing installation.

  • Specifying a name for the installation library allows you to install the product update into the specified library without additional user intervention. This option is valid only when the following conditions apply:

    • You are installing the same level or a higher level of a product.

    • You do not have any license key issues that would prevent the install.

    • It is acceptable to refresh all products within the installation library.