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License Manager for IBM i Products

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Assure Security > Assure Encryption
Assure Security > Assure DB2 Data Monitor (DB2MON)
Assure MIMIX™ Software
Assure Security > Assure Monitoring and Reporting (AMR)
Assure Security > Assure Elevated Authority Manager (EAM)
Assure Security > Assure Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer with PGP
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer
Assure Security > Required for All Modules
Assure iOptimize
Assure iTERA
Assure Security > Assure System Access Manager (SAM)
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License Manager for IBM i Products
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The following License Manager commands support using group profiles for product authority:

  • Grant Product Authority (GRTPRDAUT)

  • Revoke Product Authority (RVKPRDAUT)

Group profiles are frequently used as security and customization tools. This makes it easier to set up and control access to Precisely products using License Manager’s product authority function. For example, you can use a group profile to authorize operators to a MIMIX product at the *OPR authority level.

Note: To protect access to your MIMIX products and use the group profile support, product authority must be turned on for the products.

When product authority is on and a user profile attempts to access a MIMIX function, License Manager checks for an entry in product authority. When a security entry exists for the user profile, access to the requested function is granted or denied based on the authorization set in the security entry. If the user profile is not specifically authorized through a security entry, License Manager checks the group profiles identified in the user profile and checks the *PUBLIC authority level. Access to the requested function is granted or denied based on the highest level identified in the group profiles and *PUBLIC authority.