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License Manager for IBM i Products

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Assure Security > Assure Encryption
Assure Security > Assure DB2 Data Monitor (DB2MON)
Assure MIMIX™ Software
Assure Security > Assure Monitoring and Reporting (AMR)
Assure Security > Assure Elevated Authority Manager (EAM)
Assure Security > Assure Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer with PGP
Assure Security > Assure Secure File Transfer
Assure Security > Required for All Modules
Assure iOptimize
Assure iTERA
Assure Security > Assure System Access Manager (SAM)
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License Manager for IBM i Products
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MIMIX products can share common functions. Common functions make it easier for products in the same library to interact with each other. Common functions also require more careful consideration of your security needs when you use the supplied security functions for product authority and command authority. Common functions may give users access to functions within another product at a higher authority level than you intended.

For example, you have a product library in which you have installed Assure MIMIX Enterprise and Assure MIMIX for PowerHA and you have valid license keys for both products. You set the public authority for Assure MIMIX Enterprise to *DSP. You also turned on product-level security for Assure MIMIX for PowerHA and gave user profile OPER1 *MGT authority to Assure MIMIX for PowerHA. Both products use a common function, for purposes of this example call it ABC function, which requires *OPR authority to run. User profile OPER1 can access function ABC in Assure MIMIX Enterprise because the function is common and OPER1 has *MGT authority to Assure MIMIX for PowerHA in the same library which also uses function ABC.

You need to carefully consider the authorization level you specify for public use of each product and consider setting all products within a library to the same authorization level. You should also determine which user profiles require access at specific authority levels.

For more information about the minimum security level of the commands and interfaces in each product, see Authority levels for commands.