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License Manager for IBM i Products
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The Change MIMIXOWN User Profile (CHGMMXPRF) command calls IBM commands to change the password for the MIMIXOWN user profile and its associated TCP server authentication entries on the local system. The MIMIXOWN user profile is also set to *SIGNOFF for initial menu (INLMNU), and *ENABLED for status (STATUS).

Use this command on systems that have one or more products that use the MIMIXOWN user profile or that have multiple instances of a product installed. The user profile password must be the same on all systems where MIMIX is installed.

To allow this command to complete successfully, you must have sufficient authority to run the IBM commands CHGUSRPRF and CHGSRVAUTE.

Do the following from each system in your MIMIX installation:

  1. Use the CHGMMXPRF command to change the MIMIXOWN password and update existing authentication entries for MIMIXOWN. Enter the following command:

    LAKEVIEW/CHGMMXPRF PASSWORD(user-defined-password)
    Note: The password is case sensitive and must be the same on all systems in the MIMIX network. If the password does not match on all systems, some MIMIXs functions will fail with security error message LVE0127 when the system manager is started.
  2. Be sure to repeat this procedure on all nodes that are part of the product instance.