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If you plan to use the switching functions within MIMIX Monitor, you will need to do the following:

  1. Verify that you have all the requirements for switching. See Requirements for switching.

  2. If you plan to use MIMIX Monitor to control a hardware switching device, ensure that the hardware is installed.

  3. Create a switch definition for the switch using the topic Creating switch definitions. The switch will automatically create a group monitor that is used for managing the switching operations you define in an event program.

    IP impersonation switching is usually done by specifying the IP switch name to the MIMIX Model Switch Framework definition. The group monitor will need to issue the RUNSWTFWK command.

  4. Define, to the switch definition, any devices that you want to allocate during the switch and display a message to users. Use either of the following topics:

  5. Create additional monitors that will be associated with the group monitor and which will participate in the decision to trigger the event program containing your switching operations. Refer to Creating monitors.


    • The name of the switch definition is used for the group monitor and to form the association with other participating monitors. Use this name as the value for the Monitor group (MONGRP) parameter on the participating monitors.

    • To monitor a communications object (line, controller, or device), create an interval monitor with a subclass of *CFG.

    • To monitor a TCP/IP interface, create an interval monitor with subclass *TCP.

  6. Create all of the following programs that you need using Programming for monitors.
    1. The event program defined to the switch definition (and in the group monitor). This program should contain any commands and calls to programs that you need to perform the switch.

    2. If needed, a condition program and interface exit program for the group monitor.

    3. Additional condition programs and event programs you need for any monitors that will participate in the decision to trigger the group monitor's condition and event programs.

    4. Any interface exit programs you need for any of the participating monitors.

  7. Verify that the participating monitors function as you require.

  8. Schedule time to perform a test of the switching operation.

Note: To automate your switch process, refer to Using the MIMIX Model Switch Framework.