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Assure MIMIX Monitor Reference

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Assure MIMIX Monitor Reference
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The Assure MIMIX Monitor document provides information that enables you to customize and control events in your MIMIX environments. This functionality is shipped and installed with Assure MIMIX.

Several monitors are shipped with MIMIX to perform specific functions within your MIMIX environment. MIMIX Monitor also provides the capability to create your own monitors to perform a specific action by triggering an event when a specified condition occurs on your system. Each monitor is characterized by an event class that you can use to watch for specific predefined conditions.

This document describes the function of shipped monitors, how to perform system operations on monitors, and how to program your own monitors. This book also describes how to use features for switching that interact with the capabilities of MIMIX Monitor.

You can use MIMIX Monitor to:

  • Aid in automating your IBM® Power™ Systems operations and processes. MIMIX Monitor can often eliminate your need to manually intervene when a specific condition occurs on your system.

  • Check the health of your production system and move the processes to a backup system when unplanned downtime occurs.

  • Off-load your production system during planned downtime. In environments which use only data groups, the MIMIX Model Switch Framework capability can automate switching operations between your production system and your backup system.

You can use MIMIX Monitor from a backup system to switch software interfaces from a failed production system to the backup system. MIMIX Monitor determines the need to switch to a backup system by examining specific objects in a configuration that indicate the status of the production environment or an interface to determine when switching to a backup system is necessary. You can also use this configuration for planned switching.

These objects may or may not indicate the health of a production system. When the object cannot be recovered, condition and event programs start the actions you want to perform. When you use this capability in a switching operation, you can have multiple monitors examining different conditions. When all of these conditions occur, this can trigger a switch from your production system to your backup system.