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The Synchronize Data Group Activity Entry (SYNCDGACTE) command supports the ability to synchronize library-based objects (including spooled files), IFS objects, or DLOs associated with data group activity entries. The contents of the object, its attributes, and its authorities are synchronized between the source and target systems.

Note: From the native user interface, data group activity and the status category of the represented object are listed on the Work with Data Group Activity display (WRKDGACT command). The specific status of individual activity entries appear on the Work with DG Activity Entries display (WRKDGACTE command).

The data group can either be active or inactive during the synchronization request.

If the item you are synchronizing has multiple activity entries with varying statuses (for example, an entry with a status of completed, followed by a failed entry, and subsequent delayed entries), the SYNCDGACTE command will find the first non-completed activity entry and synchronize it. The same SYNCDGACTE request will then find the next non-completed entry and synchronize it. The SYNCDGACTE request will continue to synchronize these non-completed entries until all entries for that object have been synchronized.

Any existing active, delayed, or failed activity entries for the specified object are processed and set to ‘completed by synchronization’ (PZ) when the synchronization request completes successfully.

When all activity entries are completed for the specified object, when the synchronization request completes successfully, only the status of the very last completed entry is changed from complete (CP) to ‘completed by synchronization’ (CZ).

Not supported: Cooperatively processed files are not eligible to be synchronized using the SYNCDGACTE command.

Status changes during synchronization: During synchronization processing, if the data group is active, the status of the activity entries being synchronized are set to a status of ‘pending synchronization’ (PZ) and then to ‘pending completion’ (PC). When the synchronization request completes, the status of the activity entries is set to either ‘completed by synchronization’ (CZ) or to ‘failed synchronization’ (FZ).

If the data group is inactive, the status of the activity entries remains either ‘pending synchronization’ (PZ) or ‘pending completion’ (PC) when the synchronization request completes. When the data group is restarted, the status of the activity entries is set to either ‘completed by synchronization’ (CZ) or to ‘failed synchronization’ (FZ).