Multithreading requirements checked by the conversion process - assure_mimix - 10.0

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Multithreaded database apply processing requires the use of application groups and resource groups. All data groups within a resource group must use the same type of database apply processing.

When creating resource groups from the Assure UI portal or data groups from the native user interface, shipped default values for those activities will result in the use of multithreading.

For existing configurations, both interfaces provide the ability to check a resource group or an application group for multithreading requirements and report problems that will prevent conversion. You can perform this eligibility check prior to conversion. The conversion process also checks that requirements are met before starting conversion. The following requirements are checked:

  • The data groups in the resource group cannot have a database apply user exit program.

  • Each data group must specify:

    • The value *USRJRN for Cooperative processing type (COOPJRN)

    • A numeric value for the database Apply sessions (NBRDBAPY)

    • Values other than *NONE for System 1 and System 2 journal definitions (JRNDFN1, JRNDFN2)

    • The value *NONE for the Process and Duration elements of Recovery window (RCYWIN).

  • Each data group and all of its object entries and file entries must specify or resolve to (*POSITION) for Replication type in the File and tracking options (FEOPT).

  • The conversion process requires that the data groups do not have open commits and have been ended by a controlled end.

    • When performing the eligibility only check, if replication processes are active, only stopped (inactive) data groups are checked for the presence of open commits and whether the data groups were ended controlled.

    • When requirements are checked as part of the conversion process, replication processes for the associated data groups must have been ended by a controlled end and the check for open commit activity is performed on all associated data groups. No open commit activity can exist unless you have explicitly specified to discard open commit cycles on the conversion request.

  • Data group file entries must have statuses of *ACTIVE or *HLDIGN.