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When you create data group IFS entries, be aware of the following information about character case sensitivity for specifying IFS object names.

  • The root file system on the System i is generally not case sensitive. Character case is preserved when creating objects, but otherwise character case is ignored. For example, you can create /AbCd or /ABCD, but not both. You can refer to the object by any mix of character case, such as /AbCd, /abcd, or /ABCD.

  • The QOpenSys file system on the System i is generally case sensitive. Except for "QOpenSys" in a path name, all characters in a path name are case sensitive. For example, you can create both /QOpenSys/AbCd and /QOpenSys/ABCD. You must specify the correct character case when referring to an object.

During replication, MIMIX preserves the character case of IFS object names. For example, the creation of /AbCd on the source system will be replicated as /AbCd on the target system.

Replication will not alter the character case of objects that already exist on the target system (unless the object is deleted and recreated). In the root file system, /AbCd and /ABCD are equivalent names. If /ABCD exists as such on the target system, changes to /AbCd will be replicated to /ABCD, but the object name will not be changed to /AbCd on the target system.

When character case is not a concern (root file system), MIMIX may present path names as all upper case or all lower case. For example, the WRKDGACTE display shows all lower case, while the WRKDGIFSE display shows all upper case. Names can be entered in either case. For example, subsetting WRKDGACTE by /AbCd and /ABCD will produce the same result.

When character case does matter (QOpenSys file system), MIMIX presents path names in the appropriate case. For example, the WRKDGACTE display and the WRKDGIFSE display would show /QOpenSys/AbCd, if that is the actual object path. Names must be entered in the appropriate character case. For example, subsetting the WRKDGACTE display by /QOpenSys/ABCD will not find /QOpenSys/AbCd.