Checklist: Converting to remote journaling - assure_mimix - 10.0

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Use this checklist to convert an existing data group from using MIMIX source-send processes to using MIMIX Remote Journal support for user journal replication.

Note: This checklist does not change values specified in data group entries that affect how files are cooperatively processed or how data areas, data queues, and IFS objects are processed. For example, files configured for legacy processing prior to this conversion will continue to be replicated with legacy cooperative processing. Also, this checklist does not convert how database apply processing is performed and does not convert to using application groups.

Perform these tasks from the MIMIX management system unless these instructions indicate otherwise.

  1. If you use startup programs, make any changes necessary to ensure that they will start the TCP/IP server and the DDM server on all systems before starting replication.

  2. Do the following to ensure that you have a functional transfer definition:

    1. Modify the transfer definition to identify the RDB directory entry. Use topic Changing a transfer definition to support remote journaling.

    2. If you have implemented DDM password validation, verify that your environment will allow MIMIX RJ support to work properly. Use topic Checking the DDM password validation level.

    3. Verify the communications link using Verifying the communications link for a data group.

  3. Ensure that the DDM TCP server is running using topic Starting the DDM TCP/IP server.

  4. Connect the journal definitions for the local and remote journals using Adding a remote journal link. This procedure also creates the target journal definition.

  5. Build the journaling environment on each system defined by the RJ pair using Building the journaling environment.

  6. Modify the data group definition as follows:

    1. From the Work with DG Definitions display, type a 2 (Change) next to the data group you want and press Enter.

    2. The Change Data Group Definition (CHGDGDFN) display appears. Press Enter to see additional prompts.

    3. Specify *YES for the Use remote journal link prompt.

    4. When you are ready to accept the changes, press Enter.

  7. To make the configuration changes effective, you need to end the data group you are converting to remote journaling and start it again as follows:

    1. Perform a controlled end of the data group (ENDDG command), specifying *ALL for Process and *CNTRLD for End process. Refer to topic “Ending all replication in a controlled manner” in the Assure MIMIX Operations book.
    2. Start data group replication using the procedure “Starting selected data group processes” in the Assure MIMIX Operations book. Be sure to specify *ALL for Start processes prompt (PRC parameter) and *LASTPROC as the value for the Database journal receiver and Database large sequence number prompts.