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The #IFSATR audit calls the Compare IFS Attributes (CMPIFSA) command and places the results in an output file. Table 148 lists the attributes that can be compared by the CMPIFSA command and the value shown in the Compared Attribute (CMPATR) field in the output file. The Returned Values column lists the values you can expect in the System1 Value (SYS1VAL) and System 2 Value (SYS2VAL) columns as a result of running the compare.   

Compare IFS Attributes (CMPIFSA) attributes



Returned Values (SYS1VAL, SYS2VAL)


Allow save



Auxiliary storage pool

1-16 (pre-V5R1)

1-255 (V5R1)

1-System ASP

See Comparison results for auxiliary storage pool ID (*ASP) for details.


Object auditing value



Authority attributes

Group which checks attributes *AUTL, *PGP, *PUBAUTIND, *PRVAUTIND


Authority list name

*NONE, list name


Pre-determined set of basic attributes

Group which checks a pre-determined set of attributes. The following set of attributes are compared: *CCSID, *DATASIZE, *OBJTYPE, and the group *PCATTR.


Coded character set   



Create timestamp

SAA format (YY-MM-DD-HH.MM.SS.mmmmmm)


Data cyclic redundancy check (CRC)

8 character value


Data size



Pre-determined, extended set

Group which checks a pre-determined set of attributes. Compares the basic set of attributes (*BASIC) plus an extended set of attributes. The following attributes are compared: *AUT (group), *CCSID, *DATASIZE, *OBJTYPE, *OWNER, and *PCATTR (group).


Extended authority for permissions to IFS objects in QSHELL.

A bit string indicates the permissions and privileges of the file.


File ID

20 character hex value


Journal information

Groups which checks attributes *JOURNALED, *JRN, *JRNLIB, *JRNIMG, *JRNOPT. Results are described in Comparison results for journal status and other journal attributes.


File is currently journaled



Current or last journal

10 character name


Record images



Current or last journal library

10 character name


Journal optional entries



Object type



File owner

10 character name


Archived file



PC Attributes



Hidden file



Read only attribute



System file



Primary group

*NONE, user profile name


Private authority indicator

No value, indicator only6   

When this attribute is returned in output, its Difference Indicator value indicates if the number of private authorities and private authority values are equal.


Public authority indicator

No value, indicator only6 

When this attribute is returned in output, its Difference Indicator value indicates if the public authority values are equal.


Set effective group ID (GID)



Set effective user ID (UID)


1Differences detected for this attribute are marked as *EC (equal configuration) when the compare request specified a data group and the object is configured for system journal replication with a configured object auditing value of *NONE.

2The *CRTTSP attribute does not compare directories (*DIR) or symbolic links (*SYMLNK). For stream files (*STMF), the #IFSATR audit omits the *CRTTSP attribute from comparison since creation timestamps are not preserved during replication. Running the CMPIFSA command will detect differences in the creation timestamps for stream files.

3When a stream file has Storage Freed *YES on either the source system or target system, the status of this attribute is reflected as not supported (*NS) and the data has not been compared.

4When *EXTAUT is selected, the read, write, and search/execute permissions for owner, group, and public authority are selected.

5The *FID attribute checks to ensure that stream files referenced by multiple hard links are the same on each system. It does not compare the actual FIDs; instead it checks to ensure that objects with the equivalent FID on one system have matching FIDs on the other system.

6If *PRINT is specified in the comparison, an indicator appears in the system 1 and system 2 columns. If *OUTFILE is specified, these values are blank.