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The Difference Indicator (DIFIND) field identifies the result of the comparison. Table 140 identifies values for the Compare File Data command that can appear in this field

Possible values for Compare File Data (CMPFILDTA) output file field Difference Indicator (DIFIND)




The database apply (DBAPY) job encountered a problem processing a U-MX journal entry for this member.


Commit cycle activity on the source system prevents active processing from comparing records or record counts in the selected member.


Unable to process selected member. Cannot open file.


Unable to process selected member containing a large object (LOB). The file or the MIMIX-created SQL view cannot be opened.


Unable to process selected member. The file uses an unsupported data type.


Data matches. No differences were detected within the data compared. Global difference indicator.


Member excluded from comparison because it was not changed or restored after the timestamp specified for the CHGDATE parameter.


No difference was detected. However, fields with unsupported types were omitted.


The file feature is not supported for comparison. Examples of file features include materialized query tables.


Matching entry not found in database apply table.


Unable to process selected member. File formats differ between source and target files. Either the record length or the null capability is different.


Indicates that a member is held or an inactive state was detected.


Unable to complete processing on selected member. Messages preceding LVE0101 may be helpful.


Indicates a difference was detected.


Member not found on system 1.


Member not found on system 2.


The file member was recovered by repair processing. This value can be returned only from the #FILDTA audit.


The file member is being processed for repair by another job running the Compare File Data (CMPFILDTA) command.


The file is not journaled on the source node.


Unable to process selected member. See messages preceding message LVE3D42 in job log.


The source file is journaled but not to the journal specified in the journal definition.


The file or member is being processed by the Synchronize DG File Entry (SYNCDGFE) command.


Unable to process selected member. Reason unknown. Messages preceding message LVE3D42 in job log may be helpful.


Indicates that the member’s synchronization status is unknown.

See When the difference is “not found” for additional information.