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MIMIX can change journal receivers when a specified time is reached, when the receiver reaches a specified size, or when the sequence number reaches a specified threshold. You specify these values when you create a journal definition. MIMIX also changes the journal receiver at other times, such as during a switch and when a user requests a change with the Change Data Group Receiver (CHGDGRCV) command.

The following user exit points are available for customizing change management processing:

  • Receiver Change Management Pre-Change User Exit Point. This exit point is located immediately before the point in processing where MIMIX changes a journal receiver. Either the user forced a journal receiver change (CHGDGRCV command) or MIMIX processing determined that the journal receiver needs to change. The return code from the exit program can prevent MIMIX from changing the journal receiver, which can be useful when the exit program changes the receiver.

  • Receiver Change Management Post-Change User Exit Point. This exit point is located immediately after the point in processing where MIMIX changes a journal receiver. MIMIX ignores the return code from the exit program. This exit point is useful for processing that does not affect MIMIX processing, such as saving the journal receiver to media. (The example program in Table 128 on page 731 shows how you can determine the name of the previously attached journal by retrieving the name of the first entry in the currently attached journal receiver.)

Restrictions for Change Management Exit Points: The following restriction applies when the exit program is called from either of the change management exit points:

  • Do not include the Change Data Group Receiver (CHGDGRCV) command in your exit program.

  • Do not submit batch jobs for journal receiver change or delete management from the exit program. Submitting a batch job would allow the in-line exit point processing to continue and potentially return to normal MIMIX journal management processing, thereby conflicting with journal manager operations. By not submitting journal receiver change management to a batch job, you prevent a potential problem where the journal receiver is locked when it is accessed by a batch program.