Starting the TCP/IP server - assure_mimix - 10.0

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Use this procedure if you need to manually start the TCP/IP server.

Once the TCP communication connections have been defined in a transfer definition, the TCP server must be started on each of the systems identified by the transfer definition.

You can also start the TCP/IP server automatically through an autostart job entry. Either you can change the transfer definition to allow MIMIX to create and manage the autostart job entry for the TCP/IP server, or you can add your own autostart job entry. MIMIX only manages entries for the server when they are created by transfer definitions.

When configuring a new installation, transfer definitions and MIMIX-added autostart job entries do not exist on other systems until after the first time the MIMIX managers are started. Therefore, during initial configuration you may need to manually start the TCP server on the other systems using the STRSVR command.

Note: Use the host name and port number (or port alias) defined in the transfer definition for the system on which you are running this command.

Do the following on the system on which you want to start the TCP server:

  1. From the MIMIX Intermediate Main Menu, select option 13 (Utilities menu) and press Enter.

  2. The Utilities Menu appears. Select option 51 (Start TCP server) and press Enter.

  3. The Start Lakeview TCP Server display appears. At the Host name or address prompt, specify the host name or address for the local system as defined in the transfer definition.

  4. At the Port number or alias prompt, specify the port number or alias as defined in the transfer definition for the local system.

    Note: If you specify an alias, you must have an entry in the service table on this system that equates the alias to the port number.
  5. Press Enter.

  6. Verify that the server job is running under the MIMIX subsystem on that system. You can use the Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) command to look for a job under the MIMIXSBS subsystem with a function of PGM-LVSERVER.