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System-level communication must be configured and operational before you can use a transfer definition.

To create a transfer definition, do the following:

  1. Access the Work with Transfer Definitions display by doing one of the following:

    • From the MIMIX Configuration Menu, select option 2 (Work with transfer definitions) and press Enter.

    • From the MIMIX Cluster Menu, select option 21 (Work with transfer definitions) and press Enter.

  2. The Work with Transfer Definitions display appears. Type 1 (Create) next to the blank line at the top of the list area and press Enter.

    The Create Transfer Definition display appears.

  3. At the Transfer definition prompts, specify a name and the two system definitions between which communications will occur.

  4. At the Short transfer definition name prompt, accept the default value *GEN to generate a short transfer definition name. This short transfer definition name is used in generating relational database directory entry names if you specify to have MIMIX manage your RDB directory entries.

  5. At the Transfer protocol prompt, specify the communications protocol you want, then press Enter. The value *TCP is strongly recommended for all environments and the only protocol supported by MIMIX when used in an IBM i clustering environment.

  6. Additional parameters for the TCP protocol appear on the display. Set the values for the host system name and port number for your environment.

  7. At the Description prompt, type a text description of the transfer definition, enclosed in apostrophes.

  8. Optional step: If you need to set a maximum size for files and objects to be transferred, press F10 (Additional parameters). At the Threshold size (MB) prompt, specify a valid value.

  9. Optional step: If you need to change the relational database information, press F10 (Additional parameters). See Tips for transfer definition parameters for details about the Relational database (RDB) parameter. If MIMIX is not managing the RDB directory entries, it may be necessary to change the RDB values.

  10. To create the transfer definition, press Enter.