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When configuring an environment that has multiple network systems, it is recommended that each system definition in the environment specify the same name for the Primary transfer definition prompt. This configuration is necessary for the MIMIX system managers to communicate between the management system and all systems in the network. Data groups can use the same transfer definitions that the system managers use, or they can use differently named transfer definitions.

Similarly, if you use secondary transfer definitions, it is recommended that each system definition in the multiple network environment specifies the same name for the Secondary transfer definition prompt. (The value of the Secondary transfer definition should be different than the value of the Primary transfer definition.)

Figure 8 shows system definitions in a multiple network system environment. The management system (LONDON) specifies the value PRIMARY for the primary transfer definition in its system definition. The management system can communicate with the other systems using any transfer definition named PRIMARY that has a value for System 1 or System 2 that resolves to its system name (LONDON). Figure 9 shows the recommended transfer definition configuration which uses the value *ANY for both systems identified by the transfer definition.

The management system LONDON could also use any transfer definition that specified the name LONDON as the value for either System 1 or System 2.

The default value for the name of a transfer definition is PRIMARY. If you use a different name, you need to specify that name as the value for the Primary transfer definition prompt in all system definitions in the environment.

Figure 8. Example of system definition values in a multiple network system environment.

                          Work with System Definitions                          

                                                             System:   LONDON   

 Type options, press Enter.                                                     

   1=Create   2=Change   3=Copy    4=Delete   5=Display   6=Print   7=Rename    

   11=Verify communications link   12=Journal definitions                       

   13=Data group definitions       14=Transfer definitions                      


                               -Transfer Definitions-     Cluster               

 Opt     System       Type     Primary     Secondary      Member                

  __     _______                                                                

  __     CHICAGO      *NET     PRIMARY     *NONE           *NO                  

  __     NEWYORK      *NET     PRIMARY     *NONE           *NO                  

  __     LONDON       *MGT     PRIMARY     *NONE           *NO                  

Figure 9.Example of a contextual (*ANY) transfer definition in use for a multiple network system environment.

                        Work with Transfer Definitions                        

                                                            System:   LONDON  

Type options, press Enter.                                                    

  1=Create   2=Change   3=Copy   4=Delete   5=Display   6=Print   7=Rename    

  11=Verify communications link                                               


        ---------Definition---------                  Threshold               

Opt     Name       System 1 System 2     Protocol        (MB)                 

 __     __________ _______  ________                                          

        PRIMARY    *ANY     *ANY         *TCP           *NOMAX