Adding a remote journal link - assure_mimix - 10.0

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This procedure requires that a source journal definition exists. The process of creating an RJ link will create the target journal definition with appropriate values for remote journaling.

Before you create the RJ link you should be familiar with the Journal definition considerations.

To create a link between journal definitions, do the following:

  1. From the MIMIX Configuration menu, select option 3 (Work with journal definitions) and press Enter.

  2. The Work with Journal Definitions display appears. Type a 10 (Add RJ link) next to the journal definition you want and press Enter.

  3. The Add Remote Journal Link (ADDRJLNK) display appears. The journal definition you selected in the previous step appears in the prompts for the Source journal definition. Verify that this is the definition you want as the source for RJ processing.

  4. At the Target journal definition prompts, specify *GEN as the Name and specify the value you want for System.

    Note: If you specify the name of a journal definition, the definition must exist and you are responsible for ensuring that its values comply with the recommended values. Refer to the related topic on considerations for creating journal definitions for remote journaling for more information.
  5. Verify that the values for the following prompts are what you want. If necessary, change the values.

    • Delivery 

    • Sending task priority 

    • Primary transfer definition 

    • Secondary transfer definition 

    • If you are using an independent ASP in this configuration you also need to identify the auxiliary storage pools (ASPs) from which the journal and journal receiver used by the remote journal are allocated. Verify and change the values for Journal library ASP, Journal library ASP device, Journal receiver library ASP, and Journal receiver lib ASP dev as needed.

    • Automatic restart
  6. At the Description prompt, type a text description of the link, enclosed in apostrophes.

  7. To create the link between journal definitions, press Enter.