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After you have configured the data group IFS entries for advanced journaling, use this procedure to load IFS tracking entries which match existing IFS objects. This procedure uses the Load DG IFS Tracking Entries (LODDGIFSTE) command. Default values for the command will load IFS tracking entries from objects on the system identified as the source for replication without duplicating existing IFS tracking entries.

Note: The data group must be ended before using this procedure. Configuration changes resulting from loading tracking entries are not effective until the data group is restarted.

From the management system, do the following:

  1. Ensure that the data group is ended. If the data group is active, end it using the procedure “Ending a data group in a controlled manner” in the Assure MIMIX Operations book.

  2. On a command line, type LODDGIFSTE and press F4 (Prompt). The Load DG IFS Tracking Entries (LODDGIFSTE) command appears.

  3. At that prompts for Data group definition, specify the three-part name of the data group for which you want to load IFS tracking entries.

  4. Verify that the value specified for the Load from system prompt is appropriate for your environment. If necessary, specify a different value.

  5. Verify that the value specified for the Update option prompt is appropriate for your environment. If necessary, specify a different value.

  6. At the Submit to batch prompt, specify the value you want.

  7. Press Enter.

  8. If you specified *NO for batch processing, the request is processed. If you will see additional prompts for Job description and Job name. If necessary, specify different values and press Enter.

  9. You should receive message LVI3E2B indicating the number of tracking entries loaded for the data group.

Note: The command used in this procedure does not start journaling on the tracking entries. Start journaling for the tracking entries when indicated by your configuration checklist.