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When you add a single data group file entry to a data group definition, the configuration is dynamically updated and MIMIX automatically starts journaling of the file on the source system if the file exists and is not already journaled. Special entries are inserted into the journal data stream to enable the dynamic update. The added data group file entry is recognized by MIMIX as soon as each active process receives the special entries. For each MIMIX process, there may be a delay before the addition is recognized. This is true especially for very active data groups.

Use this procedure to add a data group file entry to a data group.

From the management system, do the following:

  1. From the MIMIX Intermediate Main Menu, type a 1 (Work with data groups) and press Enter.

  2. From the Work with Data Groups display, type a 17 (File entries) next to the data group you want and press Enter.

  3. From the Work with DG File Entries display, type a 1 (Add) next to the blank line at the top of the list and press Enter.

  4. The Add Data Group File Entry (ADDDGFE) display appears. At the System 1 File and Library prompts, specify the file that you want to replicate.

  5. By default, all members in the file are replicated. If you want to replicate only a specific member, specify its name at the Member prompt.

  6. Verify that the values of the remaining prompts on the display are what you want. If necessary, change the values as needed.


    • If you change the value of the Dynamically update prompt to *NO, you need to end and restart the data group before the addition is recognized.

    • If you change the value of the Start journaling of file prompt to *NO and the file is not already journaled, MIMIX will not be able to replicate changes until you start journaling the file.

  7. Optionally, you can specify file entry options that will override those defined for the data group. Do the following:

    1. Press F10 (Additional parameters), then press Page Down.

    2. Specify values as needed for the elements of the File entry options prompts. Any values you specify will be used for all of the file entries created with these instructions.

      Note:  When the data group uses multithreaded database apply processing, values for the following file entry options cannot be changed: Replication type, Lock member during apply, Apply session, Disable triggers during apply, and Process trigger entries.
    3. If necessary, specify a value for the Attributes to ignore prompt. This parameter allows auditing to ignore detected attribute differences to streamline environments that use non-switchable data groups and data groups whose target node is a replicate node of an application group. For other configurations, this parameter is ignored.
  8. Press Enter to create the data group file entry.