Removing a data group entry - assure_mimix - 10.0

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Use this procedure from the management system to remove a data group entry from a data group definition. You may want to remove an entry when you no longer need to replicate the information that the entry identifies.

Note: For all data group entries except file entries, the change is not recognized until after the send, receive, and apply processes for the associated data group and ended and restarted.

Data group file entries support dynamic removals    if you prompt the RMVDGFE command and specify Dynamically update (*YES). If you specify Dynamically update (*YES), you do not need to end the processes for the data group when you use the default. The change is recognized as soon as each active process receives the update. If a file is on hold and you want to delete the data group file entry, it is best to use *YES. This forces all currently held entries to be deleted, all current entries to be ignored, and prevents additional entries from accumulating.

If you accept the default of Dynamically update (*NO), the change is not recognized until after the send receive, and apply processes for the associated data group are ended and restarted. When you specify Dynamically update (*NO), the remove function does not clean up any records in the error/hold log. If an entry is held when you delete it, its information remains in the error/hold log. Additional transactions for the file or member can be accumulating in the error/hold log or will be applied to the file.

To remove an entry, do the following:

  1. From the Work with DG Definitions display, type the option for the entry you want next to the data group and press Enter.   Any of these options will allow an entry to be removed:

    Option 17 (File entries)

    Option 20 (Object entries)

    Option 21 (DLO entries)

    Option 22 (IFS entries)

  2. The "Work with" display for the entry you selected appears. Type a 4 (Remove) next to the entry you want and press Enter.

  3. For data group file entries, a display with additional prompts appears.   Specify the values you want and press Enter.

  4. A confirmation display appears with a list of entries to be deleted. To delete the entries, press Enter.

  5. To make the change available to replication processes, end and restart the data group.