Changing a data group to use a shared object send job - assure_mimix - 10.0

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In earlier versions of MIMIX, data groups used a dedicated job for the object send process. This task changes a data group to use a shared object send job. Data groups that use a shared object send job must also be configured for the same ASP group.

Note: The data group that you want to change should not have a significant backlog for the object send process. If there is a significant backlog, allow processing to catch up before changing the configuration. A significant backlog can cause other data groups using the shared job to appear to have no replication activity while the shared job addresses the backlog. When the data group is started after the configuration change, MIMIX determines whether the specified starting object sequence number is earlier than the currently read sequence number. If the specified starting point for the data group is earlier, the shared job completes its current block of entries, then returns to the earlier point for the data group being added. The shared job reads the earlier entries and routes the transactions to the data group being started. When the shared job reaches the last entry it read at the time of the STRDG request, it resumes routing transactions to all active data groups using the shared job.

To change an existing data group to use a shared object send job, do the following:

  1. End the data group with the dedicated object send process that you plan to change. The data groups currently using the shared object send job do not need to be ended.

  2. From a management system on the Work with DG Definitions display, type a 2 (Change) next to the data group you want and press Enter.

  3. The Change Data Group Definition (CHGDGDFN) display appears. Press F9 (All parameters), then Page Down multiple times to locate the Object processing parameter.

  4. At the Object send prefix prompt, do one of the following

    • To use the default shared job specify *SHARED. The data group will use the default shared job on its current source system.

    • To use a shared job that is limited to a subset of data groups, specify a three-character prefix. Only the data groups that you explicitly set to use the same prefix will share the same the object send job.

  5. Press Enter.

  6. Ensure the following parameters have the same value for all data groups that share the same object send job:

    • System 1 ASP group

    • System 2 ASP group

  7. Start the data group.